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Enjoy the park with tramping or exploring some of its out-of-the-ordinary features while helping with its restoration and maintenance.

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Project Tongariro is a society with an enthusiastic and active membership. We always looking for and welcome new members.

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Our organisation, like so many, welcomes donations which go directly to assisting Project Tongariro undertake conservation projects.

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Project Tongariro is a ‘Natural History Society’, an organisation involved with the nature, flora and fauna of the entiry Tongariro National Park. Most of its activities are at a more ‘down to earth’ level, although we are equally interested in the flora and fauna in the complex alpine and volcanic environment at the mountain tops. We also like the majestic views of the mountains, but quite often we concentrate on more minor and even microscopic details of birds, plants and other living creatures in this environment. There are quite a few ways in which you could help.

If you are visiting or want to get involved with any activities in the Tongariro National Park you should be aware of the risks. This video from the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council will make you more aware of some of these risks. The video on this page makes you particularly aware of the risks on our popular tourist attraction: Tongariro Alpine Crossing - Alpine Tramping.

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