Our Mission:


Enjoy, discover, know and care for Tongariro

Inspiring New Zealanders and international visitors to connect physically, emotionally and spiritually with Tongariro National Park and its surrounds.



The word “mauri” used in this context is defined as the life-force of the forest and all the native species that live within it. It is a term which describes holistic health and encapsulates culture and species alike.


Project Tongariro aims to harness and connect like-minded people, work together to improve our place, create opportunities for others, share knowledge and experience in conservation and achieve organisational sustainability and resilience.


We value the tradition of our story and that of others. 


Strong conservation ethics, a spiritual connection to the whenua and caring about our environment.

Manaakitanga – mahi tahi

We value working collaboratively with respect, honesty, integrity and aroha. 


Our Impact

The numbers say it all really. The sums below summarise 2018 and demonstrate the activity that Project Tongrairo undertakes annually.



Trees Planted

Wow that’s a whole lot of trees planted in 2018. These trees are part of the greater vision: and represent the efforts made to restore and create healthy native forests across our region.


Volunteer Hours

Volunteers are at the heart of what we do and it would be impossible to achieve results without them. From trapping to tree planting to bird monitoring, they do it all!


Pests Trapped

We have traplines across our projects in Oruatua, Waimarino, Motuoapa and Rotopounamu all checked and monitored by volunteers.


Hectares Managed

Between our two flagship conservation projects Rotopounamu and Te Matapuna Wetland, Project Tongariro now has over 1500 hectares under sustained management.


Our Projects

Project Tongariro facilitates several projects in and around the Tongariro National Park and the wider region including our flagship projects Rotopounamu and Te Matapuna Wetland Restoration as well as facilitating other community conservation projects like Greening Taupo, Kids Greening Taupo and Predator Free Taupo.


Te Matapuna Wetland Restoration Project

Project Tongariro and Department of Conservation are restoring this part of the South Taupo wetlands by removing pest willow trees and replacing them with native trees. 


Rotopounamu is prime example of unspoilt native bush and Project Tognariro and Department of Conservation have undertaken to bring back the bird song through pest control.


Greening TaupO

The objective is to improve the environment of Taupo and surroundings for people and native wildlife and will involve undertaking restoration planting and pest control to create ecological corridors and increase the number of native birds.

Predator free taupo

Predator Free Taupo launched in June 2017 alongside Greening Taupo under the Project Tongariro umbrella. Members range from people with single traps in their backyards, to members of large established projects.


Get Involved


There are many opportunities to support Project Tongariro when you find yourself with some time and the inclination. Whether it be checking traplines, preparing land for planting, planting days, weed control any help is hugely appreciated. 


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Enjoy the park with tramping or exploring some of its out-of-the-ordinary features while helping with its restoration and maintenance.

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