Adopt a Hectare


Hectare by hectare Project Tongariro is restoring
the bush environment surrounding Lake Rotopouanamu, Tongariro National Park.

You can directly help the Restoring Rotopounamu Project by ‘Adopting a Hectare’. It takes roughly $100.00 per annum to maintain 1 hectare of native bush at Lake Rotopounamu. By adopting a hectare you have the opportunity to bring back the birdsong to this remarkable and accessible example of New Zealand biodiversity.

Adopt a Hectare

Adopt one or more Hectares at Lake Rotopounamu. Please consider adopting this hectare annually. Project Tongariro will contact you to renew your adoption.

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Your Opportunity to Conserve Biodiversity

Make a donation of $100.00 to adopt a hectare and you will receive a certificate that acknowledges your valuable contribution and identifies the location of your ‘adopted’ hectare. You can be confident that your contribution will make a meaningful difference to the quality of the native bush surrounding Lake Rotopounamu so that it can continue to be enjoyed by generations to come. The beauty of Lake Rotopounamu is its accessibility. The track entrance is located only 10 to 15 minutes from Turangi township and almost everyone can enjoy the walk, either to the lake or right around it.

Project Tongariro is grateful for your donation and will put your money to work for the upcoming season. However, this project requires ongoing commitment and, if at all possible, Project Tongariro asks that you adopt a hectare long term so you become the guardian or kaitiaki of your hectare year after year. Project Tongariro will be in touch annually to ask that you renew your adoption.

Please note that by adopting a hectare you are making a donation to assist the Restoring Rotopounamu Project and you become a figurative guardian of that hectare. In doing so you have not purchased ownership, entitlement or rights to the land but what you have done is make both a visible and audible difference to this jewel of a place.